Rented press

Press service for international and German feature films – from blockbusters to art house gems – is one of the core competencies of our agency; our employees have years of experience and are well connected with the press.
The development of a detailed and tailor-made PR strategy (classic, online and social possible)  is followed by professional execution.

This includes, among other things, the following services:

  • editorial preparation of press material
  • mailouts to our constantly updated mailing list with representatives from all media categories
  • handling of all media enquiries until film release
  • acquisition and coordination of nationwide coverage
  • coordination of exclusive coverage and placement of special photography
  • coordination and management of press screenings, press conferences and photocalls
  • coordination and execution of interview junkets including talent handling
  • coordination and management of film premieres and other events
  • coordination and execution of prize draws
  • weekly reports and an extensive final documentation

(including the calculation of MediaValues upon request)

Contact person

Astrid Buhr

Managing Director S&L Medianetworx GmbH