As and experienced and renowned PR agency in the entertainment industry, S&L Medianetworx offers its customers a wide portfolio of tailored communication services.

Among other things, we take care of cinema films from the first day of filming (set publicity) and film release through to home entertainment release with creative concepts.

Depending on customer requirements, this includes online PR, influencer relations and social media campaigns and individual promotional measures in addition to classic press work.

The successfully established marketing and press server for optimal online material distribution to journalists, cinema operators, dealers and agencies complete the services offered by the agency.


Orchan Ali-sade

Student Trainee

Dana Hölzl

Account Director Online Communications and Social Media

Nadine Klaunig

Head of Agency

Anja Valo


Christina Freiherr

Senior Account Manager PR

Sabrina Sandig

Account Executive Online Communications and Social Media

Astrid Buhr

Managing Director Medianetworx

Nina Schlüter


Merve Zinke

Account Manager PR

Dirk Heerdegen

Senior management Medianetworx

Jessica Trute

Account Manager PR

Kerstin Schulze

Account Director PR

Nina Reuland

Account Executive Film-PR

Nikolai Hildisch

Student Trainee

Ennio Graff

Content Manager Online Press Services

Alexander Winklmaier

Working student / PR assistant

Melanie Janas

Account Executive PR

Anna Lena Kirnberger

Account Executive PR

Julian Puttins

Office Berlin - Senior Account Manager Promotion

Virginia Hüntemann

Senior Account Manager

Christina Leißl

Account Executive Social Media

Renate Till

Account Director PR

Nadine Sterzenbach

Account Manager Online Communications and Social Media

Kerstin Gehrke

Account Executive PR

Michael Kaus-Brieger

Regional Theater Marketing

Quirin Meyer

Trainee IT Systems Manager

Jana Guthmann

Senior Account Manager PR

Ulrich Masch

Head of Online Press Services

Theresa Eichfelder

Account Coordinator

Sabine Stoermer

Freelance Account Manager PR

Tim Juhl

Account Manager PR

Sebastian Graul

Content Manager Online Press Services

Sebastian Kolb

Account Manager Online Press Services / parental leave


PR-Office Dog

Natalie Regnault

Account Director PR